Everything You Need To Know About Doctor On Demand App Development

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We always have an application available that will serve us with assistance around-the-clock, no matter where we are in the world, for any aspect of life, including work, transportation, or sports. The same applies to health. You may appreciate how critical it is to seek prompt medical attention if you have ever had significant discomfort following the consumption of an unfamiliar dish on a cruise ship or woken up with a fever before presenting at a foreign conference. Thankfully, you can actually get a personal doctor on your smartphone.

We will examine the Doctor on demand app market in this post and present to you a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how to create a doctor-on-demand app and make money from it.
So, without a wait, let’s get started.

Telemedicine: A Growing Technology

To be clear, doctors can be realistically accessible on your smart device in minutes if you use a doctor-on-demand app. Virtual assistance or Telemedicine services might be referred to as Doctor-on-demand app services because on-demand does not refer to what you receive physically at your home.

The US Telemedicine Market Research estimates that the market for telemedicine generated sales of USD 11.8 billion in 2018 and will approach USD 30 billion by 2023. Additionally, the on-demand market is now technologically more advanced than ever. One of the most significant advancements in healthcare technology may be this invention.

In order to close the gap between doctors and their patients, it is now time for medical entrepreneurs and physicians from diverse specialties to investigate doctor-on-demand applications.

What is Doctor on Demand App?

With an on-demand doctor app, a patient can communicate with doctors in real-time and receive advice. Via such an app, a patient can arrange for a doctor’s appointment and prescription following a video interaction. The most recent technology stack for the medical sector may also be used in a dedicated app to enhance patient care services.

And you ought to think about developing an app for your company if you work in medicine, own a clinic, or manage a hospital. With the help of the healthcare application, you may improve patient care while also earning money. Customer satisfaction—your patients—improves as you modernize your services through a mobile app.

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How Does Doctor on-Demand App Work?

Using their phone, tablet, or computer, patients can communicate with board-certified doctors utilizing the app solutions any time of day. They collaborate with service providers and patients. Here are some typical actions that patients take:

Step 1: Registration

Through the website or through the mobile app, the patient opens a free account. Their personal information is safely preserved and used for further visits.

Step 2: Scheduling an appointment and choosing a physician

An available doctor’s list might be shown through the app, together with information about their qualifications, clinics, and even patient reviews. Patients can make an appointment several days in advance by choosing “video call,” which offers an anticipated wait time.

Step 3: Responding to inquiries regarding the visit

Doctors might need some background data. Patients can share photographs of their illnesses and respond to a few questions. Several apps permit the gathering of data from health apps and smart thermometers.

Step 4: Pick the preferred pharmacy

During or after the consultation, doctors may need to mail prescriptions or suggest over-the-counter drugs. Customers may be able to set their favorite pharmacy on some apps.

Step 5: Confirmation of the video consultation

Patients may need to confirm the appointment, and they will be notified by email or text to do so. Users might be asked to enable Push notifications so they can receive notifications when the doctor is available.

Step 6: Live video or voice call

After clicking on the notification, the patient joins the call. A visit may be timed, say for 10 minutes. The physician examines the patient’s records, probes them, and offers prescription recommendations.

10 Must-Have Features of Doctor on Demand App

User-friendly Interface:

Users should be able to explore and quickly discover what they need thanks to the app’s user-friendly layout. The user interface needs to be simple to use, with clear navigation and understandable icons.

Easy Registration and Login:

Users ought to have the option of creating an account or logging in with their social network accounts. The app should have an easy-to-use registration process and a password recovery feature.

Search Capabilities:

Users of the app should be able to look up doctors by their availability, location, and specialty. Users should have access to doctor profiles that show their credentials, testimonials, and ratings.

Scheduling Appointments:

Users of the app should be able to book doctor appointments based on their availability. Moreover, the app ought to provide a function for rescheduling or canceling appointments.

Video Conferencing and In-app Messaging:
Users should be able to text, call, or video chat with doctors using the app’s messaging feature. This function is crucial, particularly when customers have queries or worries regarding their health.

Digital Health Records:

Users of the app should be able to electronically store their medical records, making it simple for clinicians to retrieve patient medical histories.

Payment Integration:

To enable users to securely pay for their appointments, the app has to link with a payment gateway.

Ratings and Comments:

Users of the app should be able to rate and comment on their interactions with the doctor so that other users may make educated selections.

Alerts and Reminders:

To remind users of upcoming appointments, medication reminders, and other health-related information, the app should provide push notifications and reminders.

Multilingual Support:

To accommodate a varied user base, the software should support multiple languages.

Technology Stacks Required for Developing Doctor on Demand App

Developing a Doctor on Demand app requires a variety of technologies, including both front-end and back-end technologies. Here are some of the essential technology stacks required for developing a Doctor on Demand app:

Front-end Technologies:

The front end of a Doctor on Demand app includes the user interface and user experience (UI/UX) components. The essential front-end technologies include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React Native or Flutter. These technologies are used to develop an interactive and responsive user interface that is both visually appealing and easy to navigate.

Back-end Technologies:

The back-end of a Doctor on Demand app comprises the server-side components, including the server, database, and APIs. The essential back-end technologies include Node.js, Ruby on Rails, and Django. These technologies are used to build a scalable, secure, and robust back-end that can handle user data and interactions with doctors.

Database Technologies:

The database is an essential component of a Doctor on Demand app that stores user data, medical records, and doctor information. The essential database technologies include MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL. These databases are used to store and manage data securely and efficiently.

Cloud Technologies:

Cloud technologies are used to host and deploy the app on cloud platforms, such as AWS or Google Cloud. Cloud technologies provide scalability, reliability, and security for the app, ensuring that it can handle a large number of users and transactions.

Communication Technologies:

Communication technologies, such as WebRTC or Twilio, are used to provide audio and video communication between doctors and patients within the app. These technologies provide high-quality audio and video communication, ensuring that doctors and patients can communicate effectively.

Payment Integration Technologies:

Payment integration technologies, such as Stripe or PayPal, are used to enable secure online payments within the app. These technologies ensure that users can pay for their appointments securely and that their financial data is protected.

How Much Does the Doctor On-Demand App Cost?

The cost to create an on-demand doctor app depends on a number of variables. There is no set time limit on how long it takes to create an app for business purposes. Yet, the following are some elements that can affect the price of creating an on-demand app for healthcare:

  • Charges of Doctor On Demand
  • Various Features
  • Functionalities
  • Technology stack
  • Geographical location
  • Integration with Third-party Apps
  • Design Complexity in UI/UX
  • Integrated Payment Gateways
  • App Monitoring and maintenance
  • Development Environment (Android, iOS, etc.),
  • The Developers’ Expertise and Experience

The company may attempt to compute the entire development time and multiply the result by their hourly rate when providing an estimate. Given the complexity of creating doctor-on-demand apps, it may take over 1,000 hours.
What does it cost to create a doctor-on-demand app then? In the US and Canada, creating an MVP might cost as little as $100,000. And if we talk about, How much time will it take? Our experience indicates that it might take four to six months.

To design an app, pick your materials carefully while taking your budget into account. But, the experts will assist you in completing your ideal project once you have discussed your idea with the best mobile application development company near you.


The healthcare sector will see several technological advancements in the future as businesses adapt to user requirements. They will be better able to comprehend and unite all facets of healthcare. Healthcare will be improved by the implementation of transparency, the enhancement of security, and the gathering of the appropriate data to share with healthcare professionals thanks to technologies like blockchain, big data, and artificial intelligence.

If you are looking to develop such an app near Regina or Canada, Connect with the Technomind team, a reputable healthcare app development company near Regina, Canada, to create an effective doctor on-demand app. Our Team can help your organization’s doctor on-demand app development process run smoothly.


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